Children residing in the Jaffrey and Rindge communities are eligible to enroll in this  FREE healthy summer and school vacation weeks lunch program.

“Got Lunch” is a healthy lunch program offered in the summer for each week that school is not in session.  Every Thursday morning a week’s worth of healthy lunch foods will be delivered to your home. 

Your participation in the program is confidential and will only be shared with those individuals coordinating the program and delivering the packages.


Children ages 3-18 living in the Rindge and Jaffrey communities.
Any child who can benefit from the support of a healthy free lunch during the weeks of summer and school vacations.

Start Date:

This is a rolling enrollment.  We will sign your child up upon receipt of the application. 

How to Apply:
Fill out the electronic registration form:


Mail mail to Got Lunch, First Congregational Church of Rindge, PO Box 451 Rindge NH, 03461

GOT LUNCH functions within the framework of First Congregational Church of Rindge, and is partnering with local organizations to ensure that all children in Jaffrey & Rindge have access to healthy nutritious meals during the summer months! 

This free healthy summer lunch program is just one more way that members of the community are standing up to say “We care about the children!”

For more information contact First Congregational Church at 603-899-5722

or email to

Not a school sponsored program.