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Thank you to all who worked so hard throughout the last several months to organize and sponsor Saturday's Make a Blanket Day. It was not only well attended by current blanketeers, but also provided an opportunity to introduce Project Linus's mission to new blanketeers. There were many compliments regarding the delicious food offerings and lots of enthusiasm for making blankets throughout the day.

  I spent this afternoon taking photos of many of the blankets and hats we received; Linda Bryer also took home blankets to run through the wash. There were a total of 59 blankets donated on Saturday, as well as more than three dozen hats. Thank you, all, for your generosity!

  Sandi Turner and Linda Sharkey spent the afternoon labeling blankets, Christine Savinelli offered corner to corner crocheted blanket instruction, Christine Wheeler took photos, Marcie Miller kept the afternoon moving along, Gail Gelarderes offered no sew fleece instruction, everyone was hugely helpful in cleaning up. So many of you were instrumental in making it a successful afternoon, thank you!

Robyn Manley
Southwest NH Chapter Coordinator   
Project Linus

And thank-you to Marcie for a great outreach program!