First Congregational Church and Society,  United Church of Christ,  6 Payson Hill Rd.,  Rindge, NH 03461   Mailing address: PO Box 451, Rindge, NH 03461   Phone: 603-899-5722 

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Supporting fundraising events of the church is another way in which we give our offerings.  The Gift Card program is an ongoing event the church sponsors.   

We are a people of faith called to love, care, honor, and serve God and each other.  It is in lifting up our prayers for healing, courage, guidance, strength, wisdom, and understanding, that we strengthen our connection with God and the world around us.  We dedicate ourselves to fostering a community of prayer, reflection, and hope, believing that God is with us always in promise and in peace.       

Most of all, however, we are empowered by the presence of the Spirit of God that guides our church community, and shapes who we are.  We give ourselves fully to a life lived in relationship with God. 


In addition to giving our time and our service, we respond to God by giving monetary gifts that support the work of the First Congregational Church in our local community as well as our global community.  

We are grateful for the opportunities we have to grow in faith, fellowship, and love as part of a welcoming and hope filled congregation.  We recognize that in community we find new and abundant opportunities to discover our deep joy, to uncover our true beauty, and to encounter the life giving presence of the Divine.  

Our Offerings

Our Service

It is in the acts of caring and sharing of what has been entrusted to us, that our community finds its deep purpose and life-giving expression.  ​

As a community of faith formed to serve our community 250 years ago, we continue to live out our heritage of serving the world around us to impact change, bring healing, and hold up hope.  We are a people who give generously of our time, talent, and treasure through engagement with life changing ministries and programs.  

We Give our Gifts Through.....

We have been blessed with a beautiful church that has become our spiritual home, and are enriched by our historic parsonage that provides a physical home to our pastor and his family (To learn more about these historic properties, click here.We commit these treasures as gifts that strengthen our ministries with their beauty,

We believe that every person has been formed unique and that all people are blessed with an abundance of gifts and offerings.  As a covenant people, our relationship with God is the fundamental basis of our stewardship.   

Thoughtful stewardship is an integral part of the church community and our faith experience. In the coming together of our living faith, our heartfelt prayers, presence, service and treasurers, we dedicate ourselves to bringing about profound transformations in the world around us, and in our own lives.  

Our Church

Our Presence

Our Prayers


RINDGE, NH 03461


United Church of Christ