First Congregational Church and Society,  United Church of Christ,  6 Payson Hill Rd.,  Rindge, NH 03461   Mailing address: PO Box 451, Rindge, NH 03461   Phone: 603-899-5722 

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BOOK GROUP Wednesdays Through June at 3:30 pm in person Rindge.
GOT LUNCH Bagging 4-5 pm Monday  June 10, July 1, August 5
CHARITY CRAFTERS 1:30 pm June 15.
MINISTRIES ASSEMBLY Sun , June 16 after church
COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS with Bridging Differences 4th Tuesday 6:30 May 28, DINNER June 25
RINDGE ANNUAL MEETING Sunday May 19 after church -
RINDGE TOWNWIDE YARD SALE June 1 We will have a spot at the church—save the date to help out!. Please contact Cindy to arrange dropping off your treasures for the sale. No clothing or electronics.
ASHBURNHAM OUTREACH making cards for Seniors 6-8 pm Tues Jun 11
RAINBOW DINNER 6:30 pm Fri Jun 14
Leadership meetings Sun Noon, June 2
ASHBURNHAM FOOD PANTRY 3rd Weds 5:30 to 7 pm

Sunday Services at 10 am

Rindge Church Address: 6 Payson Hill Road Rindge NH 

Parsonage (got Lunch)  155 Main St Rindge NH

Ashburnham Church Address: 6 Chapel Street, 84 Main Street Ashburnham MA

Ministers: The People of the Church
Pastor: The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth M. Magill (Liz)
Music Director: Pat Frederick

Volunteering at 155 main St - Parsonage

Volunteers are needed. No one shouldn't be expected to cover every week.
Summer break is fast approaching with the last day of school June 13.  We anticipate 11 weeks of deliveries with the last Delivery Aug 22.  Important dates to note and needed volunteers: 

June 7 (Fridays) First Inventory Pull for the menu - and weekly Friday or Saturday - There is  a good system and crew in place for this, I will be sure to connect with them to make sure this will be covered for the summer.
June 9 (Sundays) First Produce order - and weekly by Sunday morning thereafter - Carrie has been able to manage this for the most part but it would be good to have 1 back-up volunteer to help her
June 10 (Mondays) First Non-Perishable (grocery) packing - we need leaders and teams that can take this on weekly - I am unable to commit to being there every week with my new job (note that the volunteer group can choose any time from Sunday through Tuesday if Monday evening is not the best option - just let us know so we can adjust accordingly)
June 12 (Wednesdays) First Produce Pick-up (Hannaford) - one volunteer or two with a vehicle large enough to gather the produce from Hannaford and deliver to the parsonage - 
First Produce Packing - again, we need leaders and teams to do this weekly.  

June 13 (Thursdays - mornings) First Delivery - we had 6 routes last summer with 130 children, so we will need 6 teams of 2 that can fit up to 25 large bags and lift up to 30 pounds per bag (we try to do less, but sometimes the produce is heavy)  We also need one person with access to the property to send-off the teams, help them fill their cars, any last-minutes instructions, etc.  
Email gotlunch@rindgeucc.org