Recognizing that there is a need to provide healthy meals for the weekends, the Got Lunch leadership

                                                  and school personnel at the Rindge Memorial School and put in place a weekend meals pilot program. 

                                                  It was quickly evident that a need existed and that the pilot program was able to successfully address

                                                  the need.  In the fall of 2017 the Health Kids Weekend Bags program was established in the elementary schools.  

The school staff identifies the children who would benefit from the program and distribute bags of groceries each Friday that school is in session.   Either the students or the parents  take the bags home.  This program is confidential and the identity of the students participating is only known by the school staff.

The Mission of the Got Lunch program in the Jaffrey Rindge community is to ensure that all children always have access to a healthy meals.   

The Got Lunch is a volunteer-run program and is funded through donations received from individuals,  organizations and businesses in the community.

The Got Lunch program has three components:  

1. Got Lunch

             Groceries, including fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered to the children's homes each week during                                              school break or summer vacation. 

2. Healthy Kids/Weekend Bags:

             Bags with groceries to provide healthy meals for the weekend are distributed each Friday by the school nurse.

3. Jaffrey Rindge Middle & High School Food Pantry

             This program will start at the end of January.  Middle and High School students will be able to access a food pantry

             during school hours to provide nutritional food as needed for a healthy lunch, snack or to take home.

                                                                     To create a program that addresses the food insecurity of middle and high school students,

                                                                     the Got Lunch program coordinators, worked together  wit members of the school staff and

                                                                     a group of students.   After several months of planning, the Jaffrey Rindge Middle and High

                                                                     School Food Pantry started operating in mid-January, 2019.  It offers healthy food for lunches, snacks or to take home.   Students have committed to volunteer their time during the school day to ensure the food is distributed as needed.  Got Lunch volunteers will be working closely with the students and staff and adjust the program as needed.  

Funding to develop and implement this program was provided by the Jaffrey Rindge Rotary Club.

                                                  Recognizing that many children in the Jaffrey-Rindge school district are dependent on the

                                                  healthy lunch program provided by the school to provide proper nutrition, but that no

                                                  such program existed while school was in recess, the First Congregational Church and

                                                  Society UCC put in place the Got Lunch Program.   Got Lunch deliveries first started

                                                  in the summer of 2013. 

Once a week, for the 10 weeks of summer vacation and during the winter break in December,The winter recess in February and the spring break in April, the children receive enough packaged food along with fresh fruits and vegetables to provide 5 - 7  healthy lunches.  

Children are enrolled in the program by filling out a form and returning it to Rev. David Jadlocki, pastor of First Congregational Church and Society.  Forms are available through the school, public library, town social worker or the church.   Participation in the program is confidential.  The only individuals aware of names of the participants are Rev. Jadlocki and the church members who deliver the bags of food.  Forms for participation in the 2019 summer program will be available in Mid-May, 2019.


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