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Music Minister      - Open - 

How are you fed? When do you eat what is good and delight in rich food? (Isa. 55:2). I'm looking for God's Rule on earth and imagine it is full of great food--enough for everyone--and time to really sit and listen to each other while we are eating.
My first love is working with groups of people: teaching, facilitating, learning, celebrating. I want to explore the great diversity of who we are as God's created beings, to get to know people who are different from me. I spend a lot of time writing--books, articles, blogs, proposals, grants, applications. Emails. An excess of Facebook posts.

I'm the author of Five Loaves, Two Fish, Twelve Volunteers: Growing Relational Food Ministries. I'm pastor of Ashburnham Community Church, missioner to the affiliates for Ecclesia Ministries, writer of stories from the streets, from food pantry, from dinner, and from lunch. I run workshops and facilitate small groups.
In 2007 I worked with Mary Jane Eaton to create Worcester Fellowship, an outdoor church made up of people who do not have homes or are at risk of homelessness. The leadership of those parishioners informed my DMin project; for that and for my book I visited and interviewed nine churches where people who are food insecure are the volunteers for meal programs and pantries.
Officially I'm the Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Mae Magill. People call me Pastor Liz. Or just Liz.
I spend my free time quilting, sewing, knitting, painting, skiing, and looking for people to play board games. With my love Ken Porter. I travel and look for music in the world. 

Rev. Dr. Liz Magill

The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Mae Magill (Liz) is a writer, pastor, and workshop leader living in Berlin, Massachusetts. She is the author of Five Loaves, Two Fish, Twelve Volunteers:  Growing Relational Food Ministries and the founder of Worcester Fellowship, an outdoor church reaching adults without homes. She earned her MDiv in 2002 from Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, MA and her DMin 2017 from Brite Divinity School in Fort Worth, TX. Ordained with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) she has started churches, closed churches, covered sabbaticals, and been an interim for the UCC.

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Church Leadership


The heart and soul of any congregational church is its members.  The First Congregational Church of Rindge is blessed with a faith-filled and talented community.  

We believe that each and every member is called to give their gifts and their joys in service of Christ.  Our model of leadership reflects this deeply held value.  

In 2019, the First Congregational Church of Rindge embarked upon a re-organization of our structure that has brought newness and vitality to our ministries. With a flexible and adaptable structure, we are ready and able to meet the needs of our community today and long into the future.   

Ministry Team

Moderator                            Marcie Miller

Vice Moderator                   Susan Schenck

Treasurer                                        Lydia Hatch

Membership Secretary              Open

Communications Secretary     Maura Keegan

Spirituality Co-Leaders            


Meaningful Living 

      Collaborative Co-Leaders          open


Operations Co-Leaders               Jack Cantin


Outreach Co-Leaders                    open


Community Care Co-Leaders   Cindy Cantin

                                                                Sue Chatwin                                                               

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