The First Congregational Church of Rindge is proud to support the children of our community and all those who dedicate their life to providing education and support through our Growing in Grace, Standing with our Schools ministries.  Through these programs we provide opportunities for our church community to engage in expressions of partnership, advocacy, appreciation, and support for our local schools. 

  • Teacher Appreciation Projects - Approximately 4 times per year, the members of the 1st Congregational Church gather to create small tokens of appreciation to be given to all the teachers and staff of the Rindge Memorial School.  These small offerings of gratitude and support are our way of saying “Thank You” to those who give so much to the care and education of our children. 

  • New Horizons: Science for Life! - This newly forming after-school program is designed to inspire children (grades 3-5) through interactive hands on presentations from professionals working within the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  This once a month gathering will include opportunities for interacting with local professionals and also experimenting with the tools of their trade.  The program will culminate with a learning fair where participants are able to apply their own creativity and expression through a science project.  (more on New Horizons)

  • Advocacy and Support - The members of the 1st Congregational Church are committed to learning about the challenges facing schools and students today.  We welcome the opportunity to learn from the professionals working within our schools about the unique needs and difficulties before them, and finding ways to partner through advocacy and community organizing to overcome these obstacles. 

  • Meeting Unmet Needs - We are aware that the families of many children living within our community do not have the resources or the means to provide for all of their children’s needs.  The Staff of the Rindge Memorial School regularly encounter a child who does not have appropriate warm weather clothing, access to medication, the ability to engage in an after school activity, or face a wide variety of other challenges.  The 1st Congregational Church of Rindge maintains a pool of funding, available to the RMS administration, to be used in meeting these unique and sensitive needs.  Requests are made of the pastor by the principal or school nurse, and are treated with great confidentiality and care.  

Growing in Grace: Standing with Our Schools

Education is a fundamental right for every child.  It is the foundation of their future, and the hope of our community.  Yet, not every child has the opportunity to grow and blossom in school. There are a great many challenges and needs facing the children of today, and we as a people of faith are called to stand with them as a voice of support, a hand of hope, and a presence of love.


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