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He also refused to contribute towards the pastor’s salary, which in 1768 came through taxes when the town became incorporated.  This, he claimed to be a Baptist belief, too; however, it has been stated that Baptists did not object to paying pastors at that time.  Mr. Jewett stopped attending church, was brought under discipline by the church, and in 1770, after a two-year process, he was excommunicated for lacking sympathy with the creed and for failure to observe the ordinances.  Mr. Jewett was joined by Henry Godding in his excommunication from the church.  Future members of the Jewett and Godding families rejoined the church.  

During the first 14 months of Reverend Dean’s service to the church, 22 members were added.  Thereafter, 65 additional members were received.  Fifty more were halfway members, being permitted to have their children baptized here, among which seven became permanent members.  New members normally were accepted after written letters of recommendation were received and approved by the pastor.  During Reverend Dean’s ministry, letters were received from churches from a variety of towns, including Lunenburg, Topsfield, Boxford, Ipswich, Andover, Littleton, Lexington, Groton, Shirley, Scituate, Concord, Weymouth, Lincoln, and Ashburnham in Massachusetts; and Hampstead, Mason, and New Ipswich in New Hampshire. 

(Sources consulted are Stearn’s History of Rindge, New Hampshire 1736-1874; and the Rindge Historical Society.)

Way Back When

 by Margaret Morabito, Church Historian

People of the Early Church ​continued



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