First Congregational Church and Society,  United Church of Christ,  6 Payson Hill Rd.,  Rindge, NH 03461   Mailing address: PO Box 451, Rindge, NH 03461   Phone: 603-899-5722 

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United Church of Christ

​We invite you to join us in worship on Sunday mornings.  Worship is at 10 am, although during the summer we worship at 9 am.  

On the 2nd Thursday of each month we offer a Vesper Service, an alternative contemplative service that utilizes music and imagery to provide a powerful expression of Word and Sacrament. 

Weekly Reflections: In Worship we gather to give Thanks to God and to hear the Words of Life that God has to share with us.   ​Our weekly reflection is an opportunity to learn, to be challenged, and to grow in our journey of faith.  A recording of the Worship reflection is available through this site.

​​​Inspire: Pastor's Musings:  In our call to grow deeper with God, it is good for us to pause and to reflect on the power of God's presence in our lives.  Through story, image, and word, we experience new insight, inspiration, and hope.  ​This collection of musings is an opportunity to learn and reflect.  May it be a companion on your journey.  

May the messages and reflections contained in the Weekly Reflections page and the Inspire:Pastor's Musings pages be a gift to you as you move along your journey of faith and hope.  They are meant to be spiritual offerings from a fellow wanderer, given in love, in honesty,  in truth, and in peace.  ​


RINDGE, NH 03461


Rooted in Hope

Our faith is founded upon a journey.  It is a journey that began with Abraham and Sarah, found dramatic life in Moses, transformed a people in a promised land, was tested in exile, proclaimed through the words of prophets, emerged with new life in a manger, and found its abundant expression on a cross.  It is a journey of triumph and struggle, promise and possibility, hope and peace.  It is a journey toward awakening in God and in life. 

Each of us has the opportunity to foster a profound relationship with God; a relationship in which our very life blossoms with goodness and wonder.  God longs to be made known in our living, in our serving, and in our sharing.  As we move through this life, the stories we tell and the lessons we impart bring to life a richness of faith and joyfulness in living.