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Lyrics of the Second Meeting House Dedication Hymn, January 11, 1797. ​

Blessings unnumbered claim our praise,

Blessings of Nature and of Grace;

For comforts here and hopes above, ​

Praise to the eternal source of love.  

That we have leave to serve the Lord,

To pray, to praise, and read His word,

To hear the Gospel’s joyful sound,

Let glory to His name redound.


Free from restraints imposed by men,

From Persecution’s hateful reign,

Duty and Love our worship guide,

We walk secure where conscience leads.  ​

We thank thee, Lord, that through our land

Thy sacred temples frequent stand,

Where gracious souls their love proclaim,

And learn the glories of Thy name.  

For this fair house unstained with blood,

We thank the bounty of our God. ‘

Twas He who raised these walls in peace,

And brought the top stone forth with grace.  ​

Here let Thy power and glory shine;

Here, Lord, let fellowship divine

Bless the attendants at Thy gate,

Who for Thy holy teachings wait.  

To humble souls these blessings yield,

Which Jacob found in Bethel’s field.

May they, by gracious visits given,

Own there God’s house, the gate of heaven.

 Oh! Hasten, Lord, this happy hour.

When all shall feel Thy gracious power,

And the wide world a temple be,

Where all shall join in praising Thee.

Way Back When

 by Margaret Morabito, Church Historian

Lyrics of the The Second Meeting House Dedication Hymn



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